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Mr. Olympia 2021 Official Broadcast TV Schedule

It’s going to be a swell weekend at the 2021 Mr. Olympia event this October. It will be happening live at Orlando, Florida. It would also be available for live streaming and online watch from October 7-10. The 2020 Mr. Olympia marked the first Olympia event with no live audience. Gratefully, the event was a memorable one. This is because there was the chance for online watch and live streaming. However, for the 2021 Mr. Olympia Competition this October, it’s a different story. There’s good news for you! We know you can not wait to meet the latest addition and the new Mr. Olympia of the year. Therefore, you need to have a good understanding of the Mr. Olympia TV Schedule for the competition. For your easy access to the Online Livestream, we have the TV schedule explicitly made. This is just for you. Cheers.

The 2021 Mr. Olympia Event would be performed before a full live audience in Orlando, Florida. Also, the competition would be available for none attendees. This is if you cannot make it to Orlando. You would be treated to the Weekend Specials online. Therefore, you can stay back home to enjoy Mr. Olympia TV. It will be streamed live for you. It is very important for you to be updated about the schedule for the Online watch. This is if you will be streaming from home.

Mr. Olympia 2021 TV Schedule


Although the legendary weekend will begin on October 7, the event would begin with registration. This starts on Monday, October 4. To watch the event, you can subscribe to the pay-per-view offering by Olympia TV. Otherwise, you can watch the live stream on the official website. The website is olympiaproductions.com


Monday marks the first day of the Mr. Olympia Competition. On this day, Amateur Olympia Athlete Registration will be on. The Registration would begin by 4 PM. Also, it will be held at Hyatt Regency (Orlando Ballroom). The event will be streamed live for the online watch.


On Day 2, the event will be featuring Amateur Olympia Women’s  Judging and Finals. The event will be featuring held at a different venue.  It will be happening live at Orange County Convention Center West(Chapin Theater). This would begin as early as 8.00 AM.


The Women had their Judging and Finals on Day 2. However,  the Men will own the day on Wednesday. Likewise, the Amateur Olympia Men’s judging and Finals would be held at the same venue. Similarly, the event would begin by 8.00 AM on Wednesday.


The Olympia Weekend Proper begins on Thursday, October 7, 2021. The major events for the day are the OLYMPIA PRESS CONFERENCE and MEET THE OLYMPIANS.

The Olympia Press Conference would be preceded by the VIP & Insider Club Entry. This is by 11:30 AM. Also, there will be General Public Entry by 11:45 AM. Then, the Olympia Press Conference would begin by noon.

The second part of the Event for Thursday is MEET THE OLYMPIANS. This would begin at 7:00 PM. This is in line with VIP & Insider Club Entry by 7:00 PM. Later, the General Public Entry would be held by 8:00 PM.


Trust the Weekend Specials to be packed! The events for Friday would begin with the VIP & Insider Club Entry. This will be  by 8:30 AM. By 9:00 AM, the competitions would begin! The categories for Friday include Fitness Olympia. Then,  212 Olympia with Figure Olympia. Additionally, there would be Women’s Physique Olympia. Then, Ms. Olympia, and Wellness Olympia.

Subsequently, the second part of the day’s event will be on. This is the Olympia World Fitness Festival(Expo). It would begin with VIP & Insider Club Entry by 8:30 AM. Then, the General Club Entry to the Festival would commence. Then, there is the Mr. Olympia Friday Event is the Backstage Tour and Photo OPP. Again, this is an exclusive event. It is for Gold and Insider Club Members only. And, it would begin by 3:00 PM.

The day isn’t over yet! By 7:00 PM, the Olympia Friday Evening Finals would begin. The categories for the Finals include 212 Olympia. Then, Fitness Olympia Finals. Also, there is the Figure Olympia Finals. This would be followed by the Women’s Physique Olympia Finals. Then, there is the Ms. Olympia Finals. And finally, Mr. Olympia Pre-judging. All Olympia events for the day would be held at the same location. The location is the Orange County Convention Center West.


Saturday Events would begin with Olympia Pre-Judging. First, there will be VIP & Insider Club Entry. This will be by 8:30 AM. Then, By 9:00 AM, the Olympia Events proper begins. Now, the Categories for Saturday include Classic Physique Olympia. Then, the Men’s Physique Olympia. In addition, there will be Bikini Olympia. Also, This would be followed by the Wellness Olympia Finals. Finally, there is the Wheelchair Olympia Finals.

Alongside, the second part of the day’s event will be on. This is the Olympia World Fitness Festival(Expo). It would begin with VIP & Insider Club Entry. This would be by 8:30 AM. Then, the General Club Entry to the Festival would commence. This would commence by 9:30 AM. These will be happening at the Orange County Convention Center West too.

Now, the third part of the Saturday Olympia weekend events. It will commence by 11:30 AM. This is the International Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. The Olympia Saturday Evening Finals follows. As usual, this would commence by 7 PM. The Categories for the Evening include Mr. Olympia. Then, Men’s Physique Olympia. Also, the Bikini Olympia and Classic Physique Olympia.

Similarly, the venue is at the Orange County Convention Center West. Lastly, there is the Olympia Victory Gala would. The Gala would round up the day. Besides, this is exclusively for VIPs. And, it will take place at Hyatt Regency.


The Olympia Weekend would end on a good note on Sunday. The Olympia Competition would be rounded off with a single event. This is the Olympia Superstar Seminar.

It is also exclusive for VIP and Insider Club Members alone. Also, it would begin at 11 AM at Hyatt Regency.

About Mr. Olympia 2021 on TV

Mr. Olympia Officially announced that this year Mr. Olympia happening from October 7 to 10. During this situation, every bodybuilding lover wants to watch Mr. Olympia from home. For those who want to watch Mr. Olympia from home, the common question is where they can find the official Mr. Olympia tv schedule. Mr. Olympia officially broadcasts their show online on TV pay-per-view. If any viewers miss the time to the Mr. Olympia broadcasting then they have to watch the highlight. So for those who love Mr. Olympia, they must have to know about the 2021 Mr. Olympia TV schedule. If you are here also for knowing about the Mr. Olympia broadcasting schedule then you came to the right place.


Obviously, Mr. Olympia 2021 is one of the exclusive events you should look out for this year. All events will be available for online watch. Again,  All you need is to connect to Olympia TV or olympiaproductions.com. So, get ready for your Orlando weekend at home.

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