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The Ultimate Showdown: Mr Olympia vs Mr Olympia Classic – Unraveling the Differences!

What is the Difference between Mr. Olympia and Mr. Olympia Classic

In the world of bodybuilding, the Mr. Olympia competition stands as the pinnacle of achievement. It is widely regarded as the most prestigious title in the sport, awarded to the individual who displays the greatest level of physical development, symmetry, and overall conditioning. However, in recent years, a new category has emerged within the Mr. Olympia competition – the Mr. Olympia Classic. In this article, we will explore the key differences between these two divisions.

1. Physique Criteria

The primary distinction between Mr. Olympia and Mr. Olympia Classic lies in the physique criteria on which the competitors are judged. In the Mr. Olympia division, the emphasis is on extreme muscularity, size, and conditioning. Competitors in this category strive for massive muscle mass, low body fat levels, and maximum definition. The goal is to achieve a physique that is awe-inspiring in its size and symmetry.

On the other hand, the Mr. Olympia Classic division places more emphasis on aesthetics and proportion, reminiscent of the bodybuilding standards of the 1970s and 1980s. Competitors in this category aim for a more streamlined and proportionate physique, with less emphasis on sheer size and overall muscle mass. The focus is on presenting a balanced and visually appealing physique that displays harmony between all muscle groups.

2. Weight Limit

Another significant difference between the two divisions is the weight limit imposed upon competitors. In the Mr. Olympia division, there is no weight limit. Competitors have the freedom to bulk up as much as they desire in order to maximize their size and muscularity. This division allows for extreme mass to be achieved, with some competitors weighing over 300 pounds.

Contrarily, the Mr. Olympia Classic division implements a weight limit. Competitors must weigh under a certain threshold to be eligible for this category. The specific weight limit varies depending on height, ensuring that competitors in this division maintain a more athletic and streamlined physique. This limitation promotes a more balanced and proportionate aesthetic, focusing on an ideal weight-to-height ratio.

The Ultimate Showdown: Mr Olympia vs Mr Olympia Classic - Unraveling the Differences!

Credit: www.espn.com

The Ultimate Showdown: Mr Olympia vs Mr Olympia Classic - Unraveling the Differences!

Credit: www.espn.com

3. Stage Presentation

The stage presentation is another aspect that sets these two divisions apart. In the Mr. Olympia division, competitors often showcase their muscularity in a dynamic and theatrical manner. This can involve exaggerated muscle poses to emphasize their size and definition. The routine may also incorporate elaborate costumes and props to enhance the overall presentation.

Conversely, in the Mr. Olympia Classic division, stage presentation aims to evoke the classic bodybuilding era of the past. Competitors adopt a more refined and graceful approach, emphasizing fluidity and symmetry in their posing. There is a greater emphasis on maintaining a natural and elegant stage presence that showcases the beauty of the human physique.

4. Judging Criteria

The judging criteria for these two divisions also differ. In the Mr. Olympia division, the emphasis is placed on muscle size, definition, symmetry, and overall conditioning. The judges will assess the competitor’s muscle mass, separation between muscle groups, level of vascularity, and their overall stage presence.

For the Mr. Olympia Classic division, the judges give equal importance to symmetry, proportion, and overall presentation. They will evaluate the competitor’s balance between muscle groups, ideal proportions, and the ability to display a graceful and aesthetic physique on stage. The focus is on finding the perfect harmony between muscularity and overall aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions For The Ultimate Showdown: Mr Olympia Vs Mr Olympia Classic – Unraveling The Differences!

What Is Mr. Olympia And Mr. Olympia Classic?

Mr. Olympia is a bodybuilding competition for overall physique, while Mr. Olympia Classic emphasizes symmetry and aesthetics.

How Are The Physique Requirements Different?

Mr. Olympia focuses on extreme muscle mass and definition, while Mr. Olympia Classic aims for a streamlined, balanced physique.

What Are The Judging Criteria For Mr. Olympia Classic?

Judging criteria for Mr. Olympia Classic emphasize aesthetics, proportion, and symmetry over extreme muscle mass and conditioning.

How Do The Competitions Differ In Terms Of Posing?

Posing routines in Mr. Olympia Classic emphasize classic bodybuilding poses, showcasing the athlete’s symmetry and aesthetics.


While both the Mr. Olympia and Mr. Olympia Classic divisions are prestigious within the bodybuilding community, they cater to different ideals and preferences. The Mr. Olympia division emphasizes extreme size, muscularity, and conditioning, whereas the Mr. Olympia Classic division focuses on aesthetics, proportion, and a more streamlined physique. Each division offers a unique blend of athletic prowess and artistry, contributing to the diverse world of bodybuilding.

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