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IFBB Classic Physique of America Cup 2023: Celebrating Timeless Physiques

The world of bodybuilding and fitness has seen remarkable transformations over the years. From the massive, heavily muscled physiques of the past to the more streamlined and aesthetic look of today, the sport has evolved. One competition that pays tribute to the classic era of bodybuilding while embracing the modern standards of aesthetics is the IFBB Classic Physique of America Cup. In this article, we will delve into the history, significance, and impact of this prestigious event.

IFBB Classic Physique of America Cup

IFBB Classic Physique of America Cup 2023
Location: Quito, Ecuador
Date: September 16 – September 17, 2023
Live Stream: Watch Now

A Glimpse into IFBB Classic Physique of America Cup History

The IFBB Classic Physique of America Cup is an annual bodybuilding and fitness competition that celebrates the classic physique era, which was popularized in the 1960s and 1970s. During this period, legendary bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu, and Frank Zane captured the hearts of fans worldwide with their sculpted, symmetrical physiques.

The competition was first introduced in 2016 by the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB) as a nod to this iconic era of bodybuilding. Since then, it has grown in stature, attracting athletes and enthusiasts from around the globe who appreciate the aesthetic qualities and timeless appeal of classic physiques.

IFBB Classic Physique of America Cup 2023 Date & Location

The IFBB Classic Physique of America Cup 2023 is set to be a spectacular event, showcasing the beauty and aesthetics of classic physique. Below are the details for this highly anticipated competition:

Date: The competition will take place from September 16 – September 17, 2023.

Location: The IFBB Classic Physique of America Cup 2023 will be held at the renowned Quito, Ecuador.

Mark your calendars and prepare to witness the timeless elegance of classic physique in action at this prestigious event.

IFBB Classic Physique of America Cup Competition Categories

The IFBB Classic Physique of America Cup features a range of categories to accommodate athletes with various physique types, ensuring that the spirit of classic bodybuilding is kept alive:

Classic Physique:

This category is the centerpiece of the competition, emphasizing a balanced, symmetrical, and aesthetically pleasing physique. Contestants showcase their muscular development while maintaining a classic, tapered waistline.

Classic Physique Masters:

Designed for athletes aged 40 and above, this category honors the enduring commitment of bodybuilders to their craft. It allows experienced competitors to continue their journey and inspire younger generations.

Classic Physique Novice:

Aimed at newcomers to the sport, this category encourages aspiring bodybuilders to step onto the stage and experience the thrill of competition. It serves as a launchpad for emerging talent.

Classic Physique Juniors:

This division is dedicated to the future stars of classic physique, allowing young athletes to hone their skills and gain valuable experience.


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IFBB Classic Physique Competition Registration Policy

To participate in the IFBB Classic Physique of America Cup 2023, please adhere to the following registration guidelines:

  • Eligibility
  • Registration Deadline
  • Registration Fee
  • Required Documentation
  • Drug Testing

For detailed registration instructions and to register for the event, visit our official website.

How to Get Prepared for the IFBB Competition

Preparing for an IFBB competition requires dedication, discipline, and meticulous planning. Here are some key steps to help you get ready:

  • Training:

    • Develop a structured training program that focuses on building and sculpting your physique. This should include strength training, cardiovascular exercises, and posing practice.
  • Nutrition:

    • Consult with a qualified nutritionist or coach to create a customized meal plan that supports your goals. Proper nutrition is essential for fueling your workouts and achieving your desired physique.
  • Posing Practice:

    • Perfect your posing techniques to showcase your physique effectively on stage. Consider hiring a posing coach for personalized guidance.
  • Rest and Recovery:

    • Ensure you get enough rest to allow your muscles to recover and grow. Sleep and recovery are as crucial as training and nutrition.
  • Mental Preparation:

    • Develop mental resilience to handle the pressures of competition. Visualization, meditation, and positive self-talk can help you stay focused and confident.
  • Compliance:

    • Familiarize yourself with the IFBB rules and regulations, including drug testing policies, to ensure you meet all requirements.

For a comprehensive guide on competition preparation, consult with a qualified coach or visit our website for resources and tips.

How to Watch IFBB Classic Physique of America Cup Live Stream

If you can’t attend the event in person, you can still catch all the action via our live stream. Here’s how:

  • Visit our Website: On the day of the event, visit our official website for a direct link to the live stream.
  • Purchase a Stream Pass: You can purchase a live stream pass through our website. Prices and options will be available closer to the event date.
  • Access from Anywhere: Once you’ve purchased your pass, you can watch the competition from the comfort of your home or wherever you have an internet connection.
  • Exclusive Coverage: Our live stream offers exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with competitors, and unparalleled coverage of the IFBB Classic Physique of America Cup.

Don’t miss out on the thrilling moments and inspiring performances – tune in to our livestream and be part of the excitement!

How to Buy IFBB Classic Physique Tickets

Secure your seats for the IFBB Classic Physique of America Cup 2023 by following these simple steps:

Online Purchase:

Visit our official website and click on the “Tickets” section. Select your desired ticket category and complete the online purchase process.

Box Office:

Tickets will also be available for purchase at the Los Angeles Convention Center box office on the event days, subject to availability.

Ticket Categories:

Choose from a variety of ticket categories, including general admission, VIP access, and premium seating options.

Early Bird Discounts:

Keep an eye out for early bird discounts and special promotions on our website and social media channels.

Group Bookings:

If you plan to attend with a group, contact our ticketing department for group booking discounts.

The Impact of IFBB Classic Physique of America Cup

The IFBB Classic Physique of America Cup has made a significant impact on the world of bodybuilding and fitness:

Aesthetic Emphasis:

Classic physique competitions have redefined beauty standards in bodybuilding by promoting balanced proportions, muscular symmetry, and timeless aesthetics. These values appeal to both old-school bodybuilding fans and newcomers.


Introducing multiple categories, such as novice and master divisions, has made bodybuilding more accessible and inclusive to athletes of all ages.


The IFBB Classic Physique of America Cup inspires athletes to pay tribute to legendary bodybuilders of the past while embracing current challenges and opportunities. It highlights the value of pursuing a classic physique.

Global Appeal:

This competition’s international reach has helped spread the classic physique movement worldwide. Athletes from various countries come together to celebrate the timeless beauty of classic bodybuilding, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie.

FAQ About IFBB Classic Physique of America Cup 2023

Is there an age requirement to compete in the IFBB Classic Physique?

Yes, age requirements may vary depending on the category. It’s essential to check the specific age criteria for your chosen category in the competition’s official rules and guidelines.

Can I register for multiple categories in the competition?

Competitors are generally allowed to register for multiple categories, but it’s crucial to review the competition’s rules and registration policy for any restrictions or additional fees associated with multiple entries.

Are there drug testing procedures for participants in the IFBB Classic Physique?

Yes, the IFBB often conducts drug testing to ensure fair competition and adherence to anti-doping regulations. Competitors should be aware of and comply with the IFBB’s anti-doping rules.

What should I wear for the competition, and are there specific posing requirements?

Competitors are required to wear appropriate attire for their chosen category, which may include posing trunks, suits, or bikinis. Specific posing requirements and guidelines are provided for each category and should be followed.

How can I connect with fellow competitors and enthusiasts before the competition?

Engage with the IFBB Classic Physique of America Cup community through the event’s official social media channels and forums. You can connect with athletes, share experiences, and stay updated on competition news.

How can I stay updated on any changes related to the IFBB Classic Physique?

To stay informed about the latest updates, announcements, and changes regarding the competition, regularly check the official IFBB Classic Physique of America Cup website, as well as the event’s official social media channels and communication platforms.


The IFBB Classic Physique of America Cup stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of classic bodybuilding aesthetics. By blending the old with the new, it has carved a unique niche in the world of bodybuilding competitions. As it continues to grow in popularity and influence, it serves as a reminder that classic never goes out of style and that the pursuit of a timeless physique is a worthy endeavor. This competition honors the past, celebrates the present, and inspires the future of bodybuilding.

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