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What Mr Olympia Divisions are There: Unveiling the Power-Packed Categories

The Mr. Olympia competition is the most prestigious and highly anticipated bodybuilding event in the world. Since its inception in 1965, the contest has seen various changes and additions in terms of divisions to suit different body types and physique goals of competitors. In this article, we will explore the different divisions of the Mr. Olympia competition, each with its own unique criteria and requirements.

What Mr Olympia Divisions are There: Unveiling the Power-Packed Categories

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1. Men’s Open Division

The Men’s Open Division is the main event of the Mr. Olympia competition. It showcases the world’s most elite professional bodybuilders who possess exceptional muscle size, density, and symmetry. Competitors in this division display incredible muscular development and are judged based on various factors such as muscle mass, definition, and overall aesthetics.

Muscle MassCompetitors must have significant muscle size and fullness throughout their bodies.
Muscular DefinitionDefined and striated muscles with minimal body fat levels are crucial.
Symmetry and ProportionDeveloped muscles should be evenly distributed to ensure a balanced overall physique.
PresentationPosing routines and stage presence are important aspects for competitors to showcase their physique effectively.

2. Classic Physique

The Classic Physique division was introduced in 2016 to bring back a more vintage, aesthetically pleasing bodybuilding look reminiscent of the sport’s golden era. This division focuses on balanced and proportionate physiques rather than extreme size. Competitors in this category aim to capture the timeless appeal of bodybuilding legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane.

Symmetry and ProportionA well-balanced physique with proper proportions and a small waistline is crucial.
Muscle DevelopmentMuscle mass should be developed, but not to the same extreme as in the Open Division.
Posing RoutineCompetitors are judged on their posing routines, which should showcase their physique effectively.
What Mr Olympia Divisions are There: Unveiling the Power-Packed Categories

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3. Men’s 212 Division

The Men’s 212 Division caters to competitors who weigh 212 pounds or less. This category originated from the increasing demand for smaller weight classes in bodybuilding. The goal of the 212 Division is to highlight the perfect balance between muscularity and conditioning, without the extreme mass seen in the Open Division.

Weight LimitCompetitors must weigh 212 pounds or less at the time of the competition.
Muscle ThicknessMuscles should be dense and well-developed, emphasizing quality over quantity.
DefinitionCompetitors should have well-defined and shredded muscles to showcase their conditioning.
Symmetry and ProportionWhile not as extreme as the Open Division, competitors should still possess balanced overall symmetry.

4. Men’s Physique Division

The Men’s Physique Division was introduced to provide an opportunity for individuals who preferred a more athletic and beach-ready physique. This category showcases competitors with a lean and streamlined appearance, focusing more on overall aesthetics rather than extreme muscle mass.

PhysiqueCompetitors should possess a muscular, yet athletic and aesthetic physique.
ConditioningDefined muscles with low body fat levels should be showcased during the competition.
Posing and PresentationCompetitors are judged on their posing routines and stage presence, emphasizing confidence and charisma.

Frequently Asked Questions For What Mr Olympia Divisions Are There: Unveiling The Power-packed Categories

What Are The Different Mr. Olympia Divisions?

The Mr. Olympia contest has several divisions, including Men’s Open, 212, Classic Physique, and Men’s Physique. Each division showcases extraordinary physique and talent in its own unique way.

What Are The Criteria For The Men’s Open Division?

The Men’s Open division judging criteria center around muscle mass, symmetry, conditioning, and presentation, making it the pinnacle of professional bodybuilding competition.

How Does The 212 Division Differ From The Men’s Open?

The 212 division places a cap on competitors’ weight, allowing for a more level playing field and showcasing a different level of muscularity and conditioning compared to the Men’s Open division.

What Makes The Classic Physique Division Unique?

The Classic Physique division emphasizes a balanced and symmetrical physique reminiscent of the golden era of bodybuilding, combining muscle size, symmetry, and overall presentation.


The Mr. Olympia competition offers a range of divisions for bodybuilders with varying goals and physique preferences. Whether it’s the massive size and muscularity of the Open Division, the classic and aesthetic look of the Classic Physique Division, the balance of muscle and conditioning in the 212 Division, or the lean and athletic appearance of the Men’s Physique Division, there is a category for everyone to showcase their hard work and dedication to the sport of bodybuilding.

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